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ShaneKoyczantypingShane Koyszan - SOLD OUT
December 19, Friday

Tickets $30

Shane Koyczan is an award winning Canadian Poet, Author and Performer. The world took notice of Shane Koyczan when his influential, anti-bullying, To This Day Project video went viral in early 2013 and has reached over 14 million views and counting. Powerfully engaging and authentic in attitude, Shane's explorations are relevant to our times in the way that Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen were to theirs. But unlike the musicians that he's often compared to, poets rarely infiltrate pop culture.  Shane emerges in a new wave of 21st century poetry that dares to belong to the people and speak directly to them in their own voice.


TaylorCookPromoShotTaylor Cook Group
December 20, Saturday

Tickets $20

Taylor will be bringing Toronto based guitarist Brandon Wall with him in a return to the Dream Cafe. Brandon play frequently in Toronto with Taylor and he will be a core member of the group that will be recording The Cook Book in the coming months. We will be joined by locals Stefan Bienz on bass and Mike Treadway on drums.  Together the group will preview some of Taylor's new compositions, feature music from Taylor's recent release The Tayster Menu as well as pay tribute to Canadian Jazz Legend Kenny Wheeler who passed away this past September.  

“I am thrilled to be returning to one of my favorite venues of all time, The Dream Cafe.  Most exciting is bringing together musicians from Toronto and the Okanagan for the concert of classics, originals and paying tribute to the late Kenny Wheeler. “ Taylor

Video clip from last years performance: youtube.com/watch?v=e9lohHqYoEk


Poppa Dawg's Blues Band

December 26, Friday

Tickets $20

Hailing from the 'Left Coast' of Canada, Poppa Dawg and his band present the blues with a unique, tongue-in-cheek view and a deep and respectful appreciation of the music. The band's sound moves from the slinky grooves of New Orleans to the down and dirty rawness of Chicago and all points in-between! Gritty and dynamic, they take the music from rushing peaks to hushing lows and then Poppa Dawg steps back from the mic to spread the news! "Power, style, tone, feel, and ENERGY are the ingredients that make Poppa Dawg a force to be reckoned with" - JW-Jones


RhythmandSoulRevue2Rann Berry's Rhythm & Soul Review
December 27 & 28, Saturday & Sunday

Tickets $34

The Music of Motown - If you love Rhythm & Blues, Soul music, and the BIG Motown hits from groups like The Temptations, Sam & Dave, Wilson Picket, Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Otis Redding, then you won't want to miss this show.  Rann Berry's Rhythm & Soul Revue features a 7 piece band and promises to deliver a night of  Motown magic. "We absolutely love this style of music, and the soulful groove and vibe that it creates" says Rann Berry. We want to create the atmosphere of a Detroit night club in the 1970s. Super funky and soulful"!

"Rann Berry is an amazing singer, but more importantly, a captivating and charismatic entertainer."

"Rann Berry and his top notch band gave us all an evening to remember. Don't miss this show!" Global Television

We ALL LOVED your performance. You have an amazing voice and stage presence. A great way to spend a Saturday night! Catherine Kennedy, The Daily Courier


CH2010Paul Pigat
January 23 & 24, Friday & Saturday

Tickets $28

Pierre always picks one of His Favorites for his Birthday Weekend…….and this is Paul Pigat.

You’d never think it to look at Paul Pigat, but behind that unassuming grin and underneath those Doc Watson glasses lurks one of the most restless, combustible musical imaginations ever crammed like so much canned heat into a single body. Blessed with a jazz man’s sheen, a rockabilly heart and a hobo’s soul, there aren’t many genres of music that don’t pull at Pigat’s wayfaring imagination like a magnet.

Sometimes, he takes on the guise of inbred rockabilly hero, Cousin Harley to crank up the energy so high that no one can resist digging deep into their pockets to pay the wages of sin and dance around the still to Pigat’s exhilarating hillbilly squonk. But, just when you think his music is all lit up like a leaky propane tank in a fireworks factory, Pigat can bring it down to 3 am embers with trouble in mind as he steps out and opens up his trunk full of Boxcar Campfire songs to romance you with.

The trio comprises one of the hottest rhythm sections around—Saltspring Island bassist Keith Picot (The Twisters, Silver Screen Scoundrels) and Victoria drummer Jesse Cahill (The Nightcrawlers, Fathead Newman).


Working on dates with:

Guy Davis, Willie & Lobo,
Grant Dermody, Orville Johnson & John Miller 
Front Porch Review – music of The Band, the Joe Trio,
Carolyn Mark, Geoff Berner & Kris Demeanor,
The Lion, the Bear & the Fox, Barney Bentall
David Gogo, Tim Williams

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“We have fallen into the place where everything is music”

- Rumi


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