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gco5729x534Barney Bentall & The Cariboo Express
November 26 & 27, Thursday & Friday

Tickets $45

The Cariboo Express was born out of Barney Bentall’s love for the Cariboo region of BC and is the honorary birthplace of this long-running show. In doing a little at-home research on the area, Bentall came across the history of F.J. Barnard, and The B.X. Express, the main cartage and passenger services company on the Cariboo Road, also known as “Barnard’s Express”. So, in homage to the area and it’s rich history, Mr. Barnard Bentall saw fit to rename the traveling roadshow, The Cariboo Express.

The Cariboo Express is a highly entertaining show, hosted by Canadian music icon Barney Bentall, who blends humourous and sentimental monologues with a heartfelt set of roots and folk favourites. Bentall is joined by an exceptional roster of friends and guests including Ridley Bent, Dustin Bentall, Wendy Bird, Matt Masters and the Gold Rush All Star band, plus special guests.


pressjls1John Lee Sanders
November 28, Saturday

Tickets $30

Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and Emmy nominated composer, John Lee Sanders comes from the deep roots of jazz, blues and roots music through his early years in the Mississippi Delta, Alabama, the Bayous of Louisiana, and The plains of Texas. John Lee has a universal gift to reach audiences from a broad and diverse musical spectrum.

With blues at the core, he has evolved a complex musical gumbo, with the flavors of Cajun, Rock, Gospel, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Country, classical, with a deep love of the traditions, and culture of New Orleans.

"John Lee's one of my musical heroes, a quadruple threat, Louisiana's loss is Canada's gain", Bonnie Raitt


SojournerslivePhotobyAdamPWSmithThe Sojourners
December 4, Friday

Tickets $30

There are lots of squeaky-clean gospel songs out there for people to listen to, but that's not what you come for when you decide to spend time with The Sojourners. The celebrated Canadian gospel trio performs music that reflects the world we all live in.

This is not music that strives to be polite. In The Sojourners' universe, echoes of doo wop, R&B, country and blues weave together to create a unique sound that has all but vanished from today's world. This is roots gospel music that can take a punch and remain standing. Singing praise music with their own special 'stank', the Vancouver based Sojourners sound just as at home in a road house bar as they do in a revival tent.

Join Marcus Mosely, Will Sanders and Chi Turner, accompanied by producer and guitar wizard Paul Pigat, for a stripped down and personal acoustic evening...and maybe even a little boost of seasonal spirit.

Sing and Never Get Tired  “The Sojourners new album is just plain good listening. But more importantly it shouts for social justice by reinforcing those inseparable links between the early spirituals, gospel, and activist folk music which all arise from hope, faith and courage in the face of adversity. Listen and you shall be released.” - Marc Lindy, Gospel Train, CFRO 100.5 Vancouver BC


dalannahowenDalannah & Owen
December 5, Saturday

Tickets $20

Dalannah Gail Bowen, is a 69 year-old African-Canadian/Cherokee who has been singing blues/jazz and gospel for 49 years. Owen Owen Owen, 46, also Canadian, is a jazz and classically-trained bassist who has played for 41 years.  Both are accomplished musicians in their fields and have a wealth of experience in the music world of Vancouver, BC and beyond.

With a combined 90 years of musical knowledge between them, this unlikely duo came together one week before the 7th Annual White Rock Blues Society (Regional) International Blues Challenge for British Columbia (July 27th, 2014). They practiced twice during this time and won the right to compete in Memphis, TN this past January 2015. They manged to become the first act from BC to make the finals which is a huge honor as this event brings together some 125 solo/duo acts from around the world. Shortly thereafter the duo were honored in the Blues Hall of Fame as Master Blues Artists.


DoucelaughJerry Doucette
December 12, Saturday

Tickets $37

Jerry Doucette's 1977 first album, "MAMA LET HIM PLAY", quickly went PLATINUM in Canada; he hit the road in the US, opening for the likes of Bob Welch, Bob Weir (of the Grateful Dead), Eddie Money, and Meat Loaf. In 1979 "THE DOUCE IS LOOSE", spawned the Canadian hit "NOBODY" and helped the album to ship gold and saw him cross the continent twice touring with the Doobie Brothers, Beach Boys and the Atlanta Rhythm Section.

Jerry is still teaching us about the PASSION of music and you can catch him with his all-star crew… Trevor Newman (bass), Marco Ibarra (drums), and Al Walker (guitar)…proving it again each time he hits the stage that he hasn't lost his edge, delivering clean melodies and slick pop each time out.

Come hear your favorite Doucette tunes including, “All I Wanna Do”, “Down the Road”, “Coming Up Roses”, “Run Buddy Run”, and of course “Mama Let Him Play”.


BlueMojoDreamstageBlue Mojo
December 18, Friday

Tickets $20

Come taste some local Blues

The group was formed at The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory a few years back and is comprised of:

Sean Dougherty (astrophysicist) - harmonica, keyboards and vocals. Sean brings his British blues equation to our North American palette from a broad range of listening tastes. It is his passion for the musical arts that caused Blue Mojo to form.  Dale Basnett (electrical engineering tech) - guitar and vocals. Dale has been playing since Noah was a pup, everything from acoustic folk to country to jazz, blues and classic rock. Perhaps best described as 'fast but slow, light but heavy'.  Bill Petrachenko (geophysicist) - bass (guitar and vocals). Bill can do it all. From Simon and Garfunkel on acoustic 12 string to technical jazz guitar and bass to writing country songs. He walks quietly and carries a big stick. He is 'The Count' as his knowledge of music theory and sight reading skills are exquisite.  Lyle Zimmerman (resident non-nerd) - comes from a long history of Canadian rockers. He has left his see-through drum kit at home today. It's a good thing that he is a nice guy because he is a Karate instructor who 'hits things with sticks', as you will hear driving the band today.  Blue Mojo is proof that nerds are the new 'sexy'.   You may have heard this band at our Saturday Farmers Market.


Rann1Rann Berry's Motown Review
December 26 & 27, Boxing Day & Sunday

Tickets $30

If you love Rhythm & Blues, Soul Music, and the BIG Motown hits from groups like The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Wilson Picket, Stevie Wonder and James Brown then you won’t want to miss this show! Rann Berry’s MOTOWN REVUE promises to deliver a night of Motown magic. “ We absolutely love this style of music, and the soulful groove and vibe that it creates” says Rann Berry. We want to create the atmosphere of a Detroit nightclub in the 1970s. Super funky and soulful”!


Working on dates in 2016 with:

Gary Comeau & the Voodoo Allstars,
Jeff Lang, Stephen Fearing, Lennie Gallant, John Wort Hannam,
Laura Smith, Joel Fefard, Black Hen Review, David Francey,
Tim Williams & Al Lerman, 2016 Dream Music Festival…..

Tickets will go on sale when we post the dates on the Website  

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“We have fallen into the place where everything is music”

- Rumi


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