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SteveKozak2Steve Kozak
July 4, Saturday

Tickets $26

Maple Blues Award Winner for New Artist of The Year 2012!

Vancouver born Steve Kozak has been a mainstay on the western Canadian Blues scene since the mid-eighties.  Backed by some of Vancouver’s top musicians Kozak has built a reputation as one of Canada’s premier Blues acts and is known as the go to guy in Vancouver for the west coast Blues sound.

An accomplished and tasty guitar player with a relaxed vocal style Kozak has been winning over fans performing his up-tempo brand of jump, swing and working man’s blues to enthusiastic audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest and western Canada.  Jerry Cook on sax, Trevor Newman on bass and the excellent John Nolan on drums.


JimByrnes20142Jim Byrnes
July 10 & 11, Friday & Saturday

Tickets $34

We welcome Jim Byrnes who was our fabulous Host at the Dream Music Festival in May

Legendary Bluesman, Jim Byrnes returns for another weekend of music and stories, always a pleasure to host.

For more than thirty years, Jim Byrnes has woven roots so deeply into the Northern Blues scene that it’s difficult to remember that this quintessentially Canadian icon was raised in St. Louis and that his instantly recognizable gruff as sandpaper, sweet as honey voice was not always an essential part of the country’s musical landscape. With special guest Mike Kalanj on keyboard. Some of you heard him at the Dream Festival, and he did a mighty fine job.

“...smoldering intensity...deeply soulful...” “...a voice that sounds like it saw creation and followed the devil down to hell...”   

“Byrnes is a veritable national treasure, and if you like the blues you should know about him” 


PromoShot1Michael Kaeshammer
July 15 - 18, Wednesday - Saturday

NEW DATE ADDED: July 19, Sunday

Tickets $44

Michael has become part of the Dream Cafe’s summer excitement.

“Kaeshammer’s performances, on record and on stage, are an invitation to join the party. He doesn’t play at you. He plays with you.

“The boogie-woogie pianist best known as a must-see live act reaffirms his true colours here: he’s an R& B hound, particularly if there’s a New Orleans roll to the beat. We knew that, but the double-time rhythm and sassy horns of fast-and-fabulous opener Rendezvous state the case with unprecedented eloquence, while Kisses in Zanzibar lays down a slightly steadier second-line shuffle from the Crescent City. Pop often takes the centre stage, while jazz rarely gets forgotten for long, but there’s a more joyous, authoritative swing to this disc than we’ve heard on any of the pianist’s previous work. And don’t miss the gorgeous, deeply moving instrumental remake of the Impressions’ People Get Ready, one the reasons this is Kaeshammer’s best yet.” - Bernard Perusse, Montreal Gazette.


fred2Fred Eaglesmith
July 22, Wednesday

Tickets  $29

The heart of rock and roll is alive and well with Fred Eaglesmith’s 20th album, Tambourine. Fusing together all of Fred’s past influences, the result is pure rock ‘n ‘roll reminiscent of 1966.

Eaglesmith is a veteran of the music industry and at the same time is about as far away from actually participating in today’s music industry as one could be. Never operating within anyone’s boundaries, he continues to set the standard for independent artists everywhere. While blazing his own often colourful path he has avoided most of the traps and pitfalls of his peers, his career reads like a manual on how to succeed in music today without trying to fit into the traditional business models.

The Bend Bulletin praised Fred as “a singer-songwriter with a loyal fan base: a raconteur known for his funny stories and sometimes funny, sometimes poignant songs…a figure to whom ‘entertainer,’ ‘humorous’ and ‘original’ can be applied in equal measure.”

Los Angeles Times “Eaglesmith snarled out lyrics that underscore his overriding attitude that music and musicians ought to be cherished in the here-and-now and valued for the quality of their art, not the size of their bank accounts or TV ratings.”


Lester3Lester Quitzau
July 23, Thursday

Tickets $20

Soulful acoustic and electric Folk, Blues and Roots music; like a cool blue stream flowing over luxurious tones, smooth shapeshifting sound…this is the music of Lester Quitzau. With understated mastery and grace, the Juno Award winning musician explores the space between the notes, as much as the notes themselves. Lester Quitzau’s music goes many places… rockin' slow and easy front porch style, then on down a long winding road, covering many a mile, with heart and soul at the wheel. "Lester Quitzau rattles and reverberates the cornerstones of folk, jazz, blues and rock…” (FFWD magazine).

Lester has performed at the Dream many times over the years, with Mae Moore, Tri Continental & solo.

This time he has a duo with bass player Farley Scott who has been playing the bass ever since he was a teenage kid. After a few years at college, combined with work with many different combinations of bands, (everything from polka bands, country bands, rock and roll bands, jazz bands) he lived a page of rock and roll history while performing with k.d. lang as the original bassist for The Reclines.


offramp2Offramp Sextet
July 25, Saturday

Tickets $25

“Okanagan-based Offramp Jazz Sextet from right “next door”. Already well-known for their outstanding performances at Penticton’s Jazz Festival and other venues in the valley, these six excellent musicians put on shows that are the equal of jazz found anywhere.

Aidan Mayes is a gifted singer, who really knows how to put across the emotional content of a song. On the saxes Larry Crawford and Stan Sabourin seemed like the old master and the young hot shot, subtly egging each other on to greater heights. In every jazz group it’s the bassist who makes it swing and is the glue that holds it all together. Stefan Bienz is no exception: he definitely made it swing! “And then there’s “the drums”. What can one say about Mike Treadway’s drumming except maybe: “Whew!” Capable of soft, delicate nuanced playing as well as high energy intensity while always keeping the groove going, this guy was born to play the drums.”

And the leader “Justin Glibbery, jazz pianist par excellence, sometimes reminded me of Count Basie with his light, almost minimalist approach, not always playing a lot of notes, but coming up with interesting phrases. It was fun to see the eye-contact with the bassist and the drummer, and the obvious communication that was going on.” Bob Park, Oliver Daily News


mikewinsgrammyMike Farris - Grammy Winner
July 29, 30 & 31, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Tickets $42

Mike Farris won a Grammy! Best Roots Gospel Album is a new Grammy Award category that recognizes ‘roots’ gospel albums, the heritage of this music, and the growing interest and support of these genres. Farris has made history as the first recipient for this prestigious award in addition to it being the first Grammy win for the artist. “This is a unique musical heritage here in America,” he said. “And this is my mission to shine a light on it, to show the world this music, and to bring it out of the attic. There are two basic seeds of western music: old Black spirituals, where it all began, and old Appalachian music.”

Asked what the impact of winning this Grammy would have on his career, he said, “You have a Grammy- winning Mike Farris forever and ever, and you carry it with you for the rest of your life. It brings more people to the table, and opens more doors, opens more hearts, more ears. It is not easy for a white guy to do this music. And it’s true the word ‘Gospel’ is a wall that stops a lot of people. So anything I can do to show music has no boundaries, music breaks down all walls, that matters.”

"Mike Farris has enough heart, soul, and power to light up a city. He mixes up the elements and turns them into something new, beautiful, and uniquely his own." Buddy Miller

Mike played the Dream twice last year, with his Piano player & Drummer this time around, can’t wait to have him back.

Do go to his site & watch the Documentary & listen……A gem we are proud to host.

JaneMortifeeJane Mortifee
August 1, Saturday

Tickets $22

Jane will be performing an eclectic collection of songs from ballads to blues and beyond. She will be accompanied by Bill Sample on keyboards and David Sinclair on guitar. She has recorded 3 CDs and has just completed her first fiction novel and is currently shopping for a publisher. Jane has been active in various forms of performance for almost 40 years. in theatre, film, television, clubs, and recording studios doing jingles, voice overs and animated series. Jane also has a deep love of yoga and leads yoga at Creative Writing and Soul Collage retreats in Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Italy, and New Zealand.   Jane was inducted into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame in 2002.


KelleyHuntkeyboard1Kelley Hunt
August 4, Tuesday

Tickets $34

In some ways Roots R&B/Americana singer/songwriter/piano player/guitarist KELLEY HUNT is a rarity and a challenge to the music industry's penchant for easy artist definitions -- a woman who has muscled her way onto the scene on her own terms with an identity steeped in blues/roots/gospel traditions and a refreshing originality. She makes music with it's righteous roots intact that also crosses boundaries, has an open-minded, exploratory attitude and takes on social and political issues. Together with a commanding, passionate stage presence and superior vocal, keyboard and songwriting skills she has earned the respect of critics and fans across North America and Europe.

"...Hunt's vocals and captivating piano playing work together to lift each composition to gravity-defying heights. With each new release - this is her fifth - Hunt's velvet-smooth voice is further defined." "This is a superb production with the subtle colors Hunt is famous for..."


devincuddyDevin Cuddy Band
August 6, Thursday

Tickets $24

Devin Cuddy’s music has a style its own, one that shouldn’t work, but somehow does. His unique blend of New Orleans Blues and Country effortlessly marries the two musical ideals with a distinctive element of Canadiana so eloquent, that

it leaves one pondering why no one has done this before. In Toronto’s growing pseudo-country scene Devin’s new take on the genre pushes the limits of what people think they want to dance to on a Saturday night.

Coming from a lifetime surrounded by song, Devin Cuddy noted in the Winnipeg Free Press that “my passion for music grew out of being surrounded by it for so long,” noting he and his siblings developed their musical tastes by picking through their dad’s (Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy) vast collection of CDs.”


naomiwachira08copyNaomi Wachira
August 8, Saturday

Tickets $15

When you listen to Naomi’s songs, you’ll hear the lifelong influence of two powerful, groundbreaking female songwriters: Miriam Makeba and Tracy Chapman. Makeba became one of the biggest stars on the continent through her socially aware songwriting, something she shared closely with American songwriter Tracy Chapman. Chapman was a voice for social change as well, but Naomi loved her positive idealism, a concept that informs all the songs on Naomi’s album. Makeba’s also a personal icon for Naomi, who cites “the way she carried herself, her grace and character,” as influencers. In 2013, Naomi Wachira was named the “Best Folk Singer” in Seattle by Seattle Weekly. The headline read: “African Girl, American Woman.” It was an accurate and succinct description, though the feature less accurately refers to her current sound as “Afro-soul” (when it is more along the lines of Afro-folk).  Nonetheless, Seattle Weekly rightly anointed her as a rising star in the music scene. In the last three years, Wachira has crafted impassioned thought-provoking music about  identity, belonging and self-love that is a breath of fresh air.


duhksThe Duhks
August 13, Thursday

Tickets $26

One of the most musically adventurous bands to come from the roots scene in the past decade, The Duhks return to the stage is definitely a cause for celebration. Hailed by The New York Times as one of the artists at the forefront of the neo-folk movement, The Duhks (pronounced Ducks) have won admirers as diverse as David Crosby, Dolly Parton and Doc Watson. No band epitomizes the polyethnic strands of modern folk music better than The Duhks. Since forming in Winnipeg in 2001 The Duhks have created a dynamic blend of old-timey, French Canadian and Celtic music punched up with shades of blues, soul and driving Afro Cuban rhythms that leaves festival crowds on their feet. Over the course of 4 critically-acclaimed albums the band has earned Juno and Grammy awards and nominations and have played a significant role in the neo-folk revival.


morgandavisMorgan Davis
August 14, Friday

Tickets $20

Morgan’s deep resonating voice and true-to-the-roots guitar work make a great combination. Anyone who appreciates straight-up blues delivered with taut, tough intensity and a good dose of humour will love Morgan Davis.

“...on top of the great voice and guitar work, he had fabulous lyrics. Not the typical blues lyrics of failed romance and cheating spouses, but witty songs about life in rural Nova Scotia and how much he loves living here.”  David O’Leary

Morgan's recording "Blues Medicine", on Electro-Fi records, garnered critical acclaim as well as awards for songwriting and production. His multi- award winning release "Painkiller" won an impressive four awards at the 2004 Maple Blues Awards and not long after took home Canada's top music prize...the Juno for Blues Album of the Year.


Colour3Awna Teixeira
August 15, Saturday

Tickets $14

As a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter, Awna gives intimate and dynamic performances with her banjo, accordion, guitar, ukulele, harmonica, kick drum, and tambourine. Her unique style and musicianship has won the hearts of many across the globe. In 2005, Awna Teixeira became the core of the highly esteemed Canadian band, Po'Girl. Since then, Awna has created five albums and toured in 15 different countries, on 4 different continents, and played about 250 shows a year. In 2012, Awna released her first solo album 'Where The Darkness Goes', followed by her EP 'Thunderbird' in 2013, and her second solo album 'Wild One' in March 2015. All of these albums have received international rave reviews throughout Europe, the UK, and North America. Awna’s songs have rich, vivid lyrical imagery, beautifully layered instrumentation, and delicate yet fierce vocals. Her songs convey that classic old time feel of back porch spirituals. Crossing borders with her Portuguese upbringing, you can also hear her tales of heartache and travel through accordion driven European folk.

"I’ll go as far as to say…….. WHERE THE DARKNESS GOES is the album that Nanci Griffith and Dolly Parton have both been trying to produce for several years and Awna Teixeira has taken the first steps on the ladder to emulate their success."Maverick Magazine UK


BrandonandKeithThe Silver Screen Scoundrels
August 21 & 22, Friday & Saturday

Tickets $25

These two joined us for the Dream Music Festival, black & white films with great music & fun.

The Silver Screen Scoundrels are Brandon Isaak and Keith Picot. If you like great music, laughs and silent films, then you love The Scoundrels. These guys put on a very     entertaining show that always has the crowd laughing and wanting more. The concept came to the guys a few years ago and they have been honing there skills at both performing there songs and making there silent films. There show’s consist of music with a lot of laughs thrown in and original live sound tracks to original old style silent era films. The Scoundrels have taken a old classic art form and thrust it into the modern world.

Individually, Brandon is a prolific song writer and has been nominated for a Maple Blues Award for Song Writer of the Year. He is also a world class musician who plays guitar, harmonica, washboard, jug, kazoo and most recently, he started playing banjo. Brandon is a great story teller with a quick wit and keen sense of humour which is evident in his shows.

Unforgettable is what a performance by stand-up bassist Keith Picot is. With a hard hitting slap style, all his own , he can drive a beat like the devil, then equally and effortlessly draw out the sweet tones of a saint. In 2011 he won a Maple Blues Award  as Canada’s Best Bass Player. You are guaranteed pleasure when watching Keith Picot do what he loves to do.


chasepadgettChase Padgett – SIX GUITARS
August 27, Thursday

Tickets $25

1 performer becomes 6 different guitar players each with their own voice, views and music (Blues, Jazz, Rock, Classical, Folk and Country). Each character shares their humorous and heartfelt songs and stories as the show reveals how music brings us all together.

“5 stars, Chase Padgett's Six Guitars is nothing short a storytelling masterpiece. The play will leave you doing two things: laughing until you cry, and lifting your jaw to its proper position.” – The Edmonton Sun.

“Chase Padgett’s achievement in 6 Guitars is so virtuosic it had me on my feet.”– Georgia Straight, Vancouver

Since the show’s premiere in 2010 6 Guitars it has earned numerous awards, rave reviews and standing ovations all over North America. It has relentlessly sold out houses in every festival it has appeared in and won Pick of the Fringe for both Edmonton and Vancouver.

link for the trailer here

hiresScottCookbyOscarSunScott Cook
August 28, Friday

Tickets $20

Alberta, Canada's prairie balladeer Scott Cook is a tirelessly traveling DIY songwriter with heart forever on sleeve. Road-worn, painfully honest, and deeply human, his straight-talking tunes weave together folk, roots, blues, soul and country with spacious fingerstyle guitar and clawhammer banjo arrangements. Cook has been making a full-time living at music since 2007, touring extensively across Canada, the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, and is currently on tour in support of his fourth release, One More Time Around, which Canada's premier roots music magazine Penguin Eggs calls "as much a manifesto as a musical work," teeming with "wry observations and hopeful life lessons." Its opening track "Pass It Along" won the Folk and Acoustic category in the 2013 UK Songwriting Contest, with UK magazine Maverick Country naming him "one of Canada's most inspiring and imaginative storytellers".

Fellow Canadian songwriter and three-time Juno winner David Francey sums it up: "Scott Cook has distilled his travels down into songs powered by a sharp eye for imagery, a healthy dose of humanity, and that unforgettable voice, that at the same time intones the rigors of the road and the most comfortable couch you have ever slept on."


Upcoming dates in the Fall:


Tickets will go on sale when we post the dates on the Website  

Tickets must be purchased well in advance Visa & M/C accepted by phone

“We have fallen into the place where everything is music”

- Rumi


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