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EricBibb09Eric Bibb - SOLD OUT
August 29 & 30, Friday & Saturday

Tickets $34

It is an honour that Eric Bibb keeps returning to the Dream Café. A very special treat.

Eric Bibb’s debut CD “Deeper in the Well” may well have been one of the most important roots music albums of recent years. Not only does it cross genres — folk, gospel-infused acoustic blues, and down-home country — but it offers a sound steeped in the rural Louisiana where it was recorded.

Bibb’s father, Leon, was a musical theatre singer, who made a name for himself as part of the 1960s New York folk scene; his uncle was the jazz pianist and composer John Lewis, of the Modern Jazz Quartet. Family friends included Pete Seeger, and actor/singer/activist Paul Robeson, Bibb’s godfather. He was given his first steel-string acoustic guitar aged seven. Growing up surrounded by talent, he recalls a childhood conversation with Bob Dylan, who, on the subject of guitar playing, advised the 11-year-old Bibb to “Keep it simple, forget all that fancy stuff”.

A four-decade career, 35 albums, countless radio and television shows and non-stop touring have given Eric Bibb a world view that’s tempered by curiosity and compassion, and the ability to see himself in other peoples’ shoes.


AshBloom7780webresAsh & Bloom
September 5, Friday

Tickets $12

Ash & Bloom (Matt McKenna & James Bloemendal) were surrounded by music as they grew up. Since their meeting almost a decade ago, they have been collaborating; performing in Hamilton-based band Garner and then moving on to become a powerhouse duo. Ash & Bloom have crafted a sound that requires two people playing and singing together, a sound reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel and Iron & Wine. Their show also leans into synergy as their songs turn audiences into unsuspecting choirs.

Ash & Bloom have spent years perfecting their songs and they are finally releasing them a bit at a time for the world to enjoy. Their debut full-length album titled “Let The Storm Come” was released on June 24th, featuring songs co-written by some of Canada’s greats; Peter Katz, Caroline Brooks (The Good Lovelies), Julie Crochietere and Rob Szabo.

CBC’s Here and Now program featured “Manna for my Soul” as their Song of the Week and the album has been receiving positive reviews around the globe.

Please go the their webpage and watch/listen to some videos……lovely


backgroundBirds of Chicago
September 6, Saturday

Tickets $22

JT Nero’s fractured country-soul voice wrapped in Allison Russell’s silver and gold tones, is a fine thing. Not too perfect, not at all saccharine, you’ll hear echoes of mountain gospel, street corner doo-wop, and classic soul. Accompanied by just a banjo and a guitar, it’s haunting. Fired by the band, it’s a full tilt revival.

"When Russell sings that "the years floated by like cotton seeds and now the long-legged two-stepper turns 73," she sends the words out and onto a breeze, along with those cotton seeds. It's a wonderful way to capture how old age can feel if you've gotten the most out of it. The song, "Galaxy Ballroom," feels like a place that you'd like to ascend to when your earthly waltz has come to an end. Nero and Russell make rainy and sunny days feel exactly the same - like treasures." - Sean Moeller, Daytrotter

For several years Allison Russell and JT Nero’s respective bands, Po' Girl (Vancouver, BC) and JT and the Clouds (Chicago, IL), have collaborated extensively, but on 2011’s Mountains/Forests, released under the JT Nero banner, they tapped into the true, bewitching power of their voices together on an entire record.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgOEMlKjwE4 | www.birdsofchicago.com

BrandonandKeithBrandon Isaak & Keith Picot
September 12 & 13, Friday & Saturday

Tickets $20

the Silver Screen Scoundrels - Stars of stage and screen

Brandon and Keith formed their duo in January 2012. However, they have known and performed with each other for several years with Canada's Best Jump Swing Blues Band "The Twisters". They got together to play the music they love. Individually, Brandon is a prolific song writer and has been nominated for a Maple Blues Award for Song Writer of the Year. He is also a world class musician who plays guitar, harmonica, washboard, jug, kazoo and most recently, he started playing banjo. Brandon is a great story teller with a quick wit and keen sense of humour which is evident in his shows. Unforgettable is what a performance by stand-up bassist Keith Picot is. With a hard hitting slap style, all his own, he can drive a beat like the devil, then equally and effortlessly draw out the sweet tones of a saint. In 2011 he won a Maple Blues Award as Canada's Best Bass Player. You are guaranteed pleasure when watching Keith Picot do what he loves to do.Their performances are a rollicking good time! A mixture of great music mixed with comedy! They are performers that you could watch several times as each show is unique.

www.brandonisaak.ca | www.keithpicot.wordpress.com | www.silverscreenscoundrels.com

RhythmandSoulRevue2Rann Berry - the Rhythm & Soul Review
September 20, Saturday

Tickets $24


If you love Rhythm & Blues, Soul music, and the BIG Motown hits from groups like The Temptations, Sam & Dave, Wilson Picket, Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Otis Redding, then you won’t want to miss this show.  Rann Berry’s Rhythm & Soul Revue features a 7 piece band and promises to deliver a night of  Motown magic. “ We absolutely love this style of music, and the soulful groove and vibe that it creates” says Rann Berry. We want to create the atmosphere of a Detroit night club in the 1970s. Super funky and soulful” !

“Rann Berry is an amazing singer, but more importantly, a captivating and charismatic entertainer.”

“Rann Berry and his top notch band gave us all an evening to remember. Don't miss this show!"  Global Television

We ALL LOVED your performance. You have an amazing voice and stage presence. A great way to spend a Saturday night! Catherine Kennedy, The Daily Courier


RitaChiarelliDeniseGrantPhotographyRita Chiarelli
September 26 & 27, Friday & Saturday

Tickets $ 40

Rita Chiarelli, Canada's most highly acclaimed female roots and blues artist, has just released the soundtrack for her award winning documentary, Music From The Big House, her 9th recording. With a JUNO (a Canadian Grammy) award and 4 subsequent JUNO nominations, she is known across Canada as the "Goddess of the Blues". Chiarelli is a gifted songwriter and an entertaining performer, but it is her soaring 3 octave voice that sets her apart from her peers, inspires awe and often tears in her audiences, and causes critics to gush.

" a voice so blue it could make the angels weep"...

"a voice that can growl at her demons or soar with the angels, a gift for lyric, an ear for melody and the heart to combine them”.

Over the past decade Rita Chiarelli has won every major Canadian blues award, including multiple Maple Blues awards, CBCs Great Canadian Blues Award, Toronto Independent Music Awards, Hamilton Music Awards, Manitoba Blues Society and the Hamilton Blues Society’s Lifetime Achievement Awards. Most recently Rita was awarded the prestigious Maple Blues ‘Blues With A Feeling Award’ for Lifetime Achievement.


vdj300Edit3Van Django
October 3, Friday

Tickets $24

“They have it all – musicianship, musicality, humor and that swingin’ Django sound.

Sit back, relax, and be transported to 1930’s Paris” Scott Wilson, Jazz Yukon

Van Django’s music is punchy, driving and rhythmically inventive, combining a wealth of musical influences while maintaining their roots in the gypsy jazz made famous by the 1930’s Quintet of the Hot Club of France. Since the group’s formation in 1998, they have toured extensively in Canada as well as international forays to the USA and Europe. Van Django is an acoustic string ensemble made up of four of Canada’s most talented and eclectic musicians; violinist Cameron Wilson, guitarist Budge Schachte, guitarist/cellist Finn Manniche, and bassist Brent Gubbels.


P1340174dbcreditMarkMaryanovichDel Barber
October 8, Wednesday

Tickets $20

Drifting songs that sweep across the prairies. Del Barber isn’t simply a songwriter penning catchy hooks — he is telling warm, sincere and timeless stories with a tune in his heart and guitar in hand. He is an enticing folk artist drawing from his upbringing on the expansive Canadian prairies, weaving in and out of charming and witty anecdotes and into song. Barber has two Western Canadian Music Awards to his credit so far. Performing with his band this time around.

Del Barber’s winsome, lonesome balladry leaves dusty footprints on the floor, traces of country-folk traditions that guide back to the late greats of songwriting history. Headwaters, Barber’s third album, picks up the trail with a set of prairie parables that lead through finely crafted confessionals and twang-kissed tales of desires lived, left and lost.

His capacity to weave experiences and characters stem from a keen understanding of narrative, phrasing and metaphor, which get tied together by his polished finger-style guitar work, warm hometown melodies and his intoxicating personality. Carrying on in the tradition of legends like Townes Van Zandt, Greg Brown, Neil Young and John Prine, Del Barber breathes new life into old forms with a cutting sense of humour, a hint of cynicism, and songs that span the gulf between the sacred and the profane.

“Headwaters (his latest cd) is the finest work yet from one of Canada’s most promising young troubadours. Four stars.” Winnipeg Free Press


RussellDeCarleRussell Decarle
October 17, Friday

Tickets $24

Russell was here in the spring and put on a great show, can’t wait to have him back.

As lead vocalist and bassist of iconic Canadian country roots band Prairie Oyster, deCarle is no stranger to awards and accolades. Over their career the 2008 CCMA Hall of Honour inductees have racked up an impressive list of JUNO and Canadian Country Music Awards, gold and platinum selling records and number one singles. As a songwriter deCarle has also been honoured with two SOCAN Song of the Year Awards.

Held together by equal measures of heartbreak and hope, and featuring performances from some of Canada’s most accomplished instrumentalists, Under the Big Big Sky plays like the soundtrack to a vintage film. A fluent mix of blues, jazz and R&B tinged western swing that pays homage to some of Russell deCarle’s all-time favourite artists while remaining simultaneously fresh and familiar.

Looking at his solo output thus far, however, he describes it as “more of a torchy-bluesy affair”, particularly on his first solo album launched three years ago called Under the Big, Big Sky.


carolyn345Carolyn Mark
October 18, Saturday

Tickets $15

Carolyn Mark is a Canadian alternative country singer-songwriter.   She has recorded as a solo artist and as a member of the duo The Corn Sisters with American colleague Neko Case, as well as with the bands the Vinaigrettes, Jr. Gone Wild, Showbusiness Giants, the Fixin's and the Metronome Cowboys. She has also provided backing vocals on recordings by The Buttless Chaps, Greenfield Main, Neko Case, Frog Eyes, and Blackout Beach. First time on our stage but this woman is well known across the country.

That total lack of respect for all the rules about everything is what makes a Carolyn Mark show a True Experience. It is not like watching television, or even Youtube. It is spontaneous, unpredictable, full of humour and rueful truth. And the songs are deceptively, expertly crafted missiles of equal parts nasty observation and strange comfort.  The world would do better to hear them.  So before you go out there and sing bloody bloody “Hallelujah” one more time, think about singing “Edmonton” instead.  ”Hey, do you remember me? Oh yes, we’ve met before.  I’d like to ride your coat-tails, or just nail them to the floor.” Geoff Berner


rockySeanSean Hogan
October 24, Friday

Tickets $ 20

Sean Hogan is a soulful singer, songwriter, and recording artist, who has released his own music, his own songs for over 17 years. Now across 6 albums worth of material in Canada and the USA, he has won multiple awards including multiple CCMA music awards, and has had dozens of top 20 hits and some top 10 hits. His latest album is titled "Phoenix", and joins his critically acclaimed previous releases in setting a new fresh point of departure for his stylistically divergent multi- genre inflicted sound and style.

“When Phoenix rises, it’ll surprise both fans and newcomers with the quality of the music, the voice and the emotional appeal” – Lenny Stoute, Cashbox Canada

“His most soulful numbers yet … classic Hogan” – Bruce Leperre, Winnipeg Free Press

“When you make an album this good it transcends genres … well written, soulful tracks … If there is a better country album than this in 2012, I will be surprised” – John Emms, Music Journalist and Radio Host


image3843780highresThe Bills
October 25, Saturday

Tickets $24

“Their sound is panoramic, mischievious, fiercely unpretentious – and musically splendid” – Boston Globe

From the beautiful West Coast of Canada comes this extraordinary quintet, renowned among fans of all ages for their instrumental virtuosity, lush vocal arrangements, exuberant live performances, evocative songwriting, and a refreshing sound that transcends musical boundaries and defies simple categorization.

Strings, bellows, keys, voices, skin and bows – these are the vehicles for the Bills’ unique sonic approach.  With individual band members sporting world-class credentials in folk/roots, jazz, classical and world music, The Bills truly are a Canadian acoustic music supergroup…

You’ll hear the influences of global roots and rock alongside hints of Chopin, Stan Rogers and Django Reinhardt. But you’ll ultimately hear The Bills, doing the magical thing that they do.

Marc Atkinson – mandolin, guitar, vocals; Adrian Dolan – fiddle, accordion, piano, vocals; Chris Frye – guitar, lead vocals; Richard Moody – violin, viola, vocals; Scott White – upright bass, vocals

thebills.ca  | www.youtube.com/thebillsplaymusic

Working on dates with:

Gary Comeau & John Ellis, Van Django, Carolyn Mark, Brickhouse, the Bills,
Jeremy Fisher, Brent Parkin, Connie Kaldor, Suzie Vinnick, Devon Cuddy, Black Hen Review, Jack Semple, Black Umfolosi, Jory Kinjo,
…………Ben Waters 2015, Guy Davis…………………..

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“We have fallen into the place where everything is music”

- Rumi


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