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Jim Byrnes – the Dream Music Festival

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chasepadgettChase Padgett – SIX GUITARS
April 10 & 11  Friday & Saturday

Tickets $25

1 performer becomes 6 different guitar players each with their own voice, views and music (Blues, Jazz, Rock, Classical, Folk and Country). Each character shares their humorous and heartfelt songs and stories as the show reveals how music brings us all together. “5 stars, Chase Padgett's Six Guitars is nothing short a storytelling masterpiece. The play will leave you doing two things: laughing until you cry, and lifting your jaw to its proper position.” – The Edmonton Sun.

“Chase Padgett’s achievement in 6 Guitars is so virtuosic it had me on my feet.”– Georgia Straight, Vancouver. Since the show’s premiere in 2010 6 Guitars it has earned numerous awards, rave reviews and standing ovations all over North America. It has relentlessly sold out houses in every festival it has appeared in and won Pick of the Fringe for both Edmonton and Vancouver.


link for the trailer: Click Here!

GuyDavisbyRichardDowdy2010homeGuy Davis
April 15, Wednesday

Tickets $30

We are honoured Guy Davis is coming back to the Dream stage, one of the Best…..one of the Class Acts.

His ‘all’ is the Blues. The routes, and roots, of his blues are as diverse as the music form itself. It can be soulful, moaning out a people’s cry, or playful and bouncy as a hay-ride.

Guy can tell you stories of his great-grandparents and his grandparents, they’re days as track linemen, and of their interactions with the infamous KKK. He can also tell you that as a child raised in middle-class New York suburbs, the only cotton he’s picked is his underwear up off the floor.

He's a musician, composer, actor, director, and writer. But most importantly, Guy Davis is a bluesman. The blues permeates every corner of Davis' creativity.

Throughout his career, he has dedicated himself to reviving the traditions of acoustic blues and bringing them to as many ears as possible through the material of the great blues masters, African American stories, and his own original songs, stories and performance pieces.


IanTamblyn2Ian Tamblyn
April 18, Saturday

Tickets $18

Ian Tamblyn has been a full time musician since 1972. He has released 36 albums and cds of his work as well as acting as producer for dozens of other artists. He recently produced a CD for the great Sneezy Waters. Over the years Ian has written too many songs and has given up on counting them. He has also written thirteen plays and over one hundred theatre soundtracks. His most recent play is called Nun of It.

Mr. Tamblyn has received a number of awards and nominations. In 2012, Ian was made a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society for his guiding work in the Canadian Arctic. He has been awarded the Estelle Klein and Helen Verger Awards for his contributions to Canadian folk music; he has a honourary doctorate from Lakehead University, a Distinguished Alumni Award from Trent University and was voted English Songwriter of the Year in 2010 by the Canadian Folk Music Awards, amongst other awards and more awards than we can post here. Starting with a Juno in 1976. Do take some time to check out his site.


CT158a1a1aThe Dream Music Festival
May 1 & 2 at the
Penticton Trade and
Convention Centre

Host: Jim Byrnes & a stellar list of our favorite players for the past 14 Years; Bill Bourne, Rita Chiarelli, Gary Comeau, Jerry Cook, Rick Fines, Brandon Isaak, Keith Picot, Michael Kaeshammer, Harry Manx, Chris Nordquist, Paul Pigat & Ben Waters……….don’t miss this show !!!

For details &
ticket info: 


benwaters2011Ben Waters from the UK
May 6, 7, 8 & 9, Wednesday - Saturday

Tickets $34

Ben will be part of our big stage at the Dream Music Festival May 1 & 2 and then come to our café stage for another four shows. Ben Waters is one of world’s leading Boogie Woogie/Rock N Roll Piano players. Ben has shared the stage with some of the top names in the business, including Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jools Holland, Ray Davies, Dave Gilmore, Shakin Stevens, The Beach Boys, Leo Sayer, Chris Jagger, Screaming Lord Sutch, Shirley Bassey - to name but a few. Ben is currently working with the fabulous Charlie Watts!

Joining him on stage will be our local Bass Player & Drummer – Stefan Bienz & Michael Treadway.

One of the best pianists in the U.K.” - The Times

A fantastic young pianist” - Jools Holland

Always a fun night full of variety & high energy.


AngelForrestAngel Forrest
May 14, Thursday

Tickets $28

Performing with two great guitar players: Denis Coulombe & Paul Deslauriers.

With a career span of over 26 years and eight records, Canada female vocalist of the year (maple blues award), Angel Forrest sure knows how to rock the house with last spring’s latest release, "LIVE" LOVE at the Palace.

Forrest’s work gained positive attention from critics as well as fans. If her spot on tribute to Janis Joplin was a no-brainer amongst festival attendees and club’s patrons, her unique signature on blues takes us a step beyond.

A familiar face on the Canadian blues circuit; she was a remarkable fit at last year’s Toronto Blues Society’s Women Blues Review presented at Massey Hall. Other accomplishments include strong appearances at Montreal’s internationally renowned jazz festival as well as Tremblant’s Blues ten day extravaganza when she opened this year for Jarvis Church - The Soul Station.


carolyn345Carolyn Mark, Geoff Berner & Kris Demeanor
May 23, Saturday

Tickets $20

The Queen of Vancouver Island, The Whiskey Rabbi and The Jester of Mordor are together on tour for the very first time in May 2015. Three of this nation’s finest songwriters share the stage for a formidable cocktail of entertainment that is part vaudeville show, part festival workshop stage, and part longtime-friends-catching-up-and-having-a-few-drinks.

Carolyn Mark is a Juno nominated performer who will fill your heart, break it and rebuild it in a single song.  Geoff Berner is a celebrated Klezmer artist and published authour whose bold and illuminative work, in the words of poet Octavio Paz, is ‘a mirror that devours mirrors’. Kris Demeanor, Calgary’s first poet laureate (2012-14) brings the crafts of theatre and spoken word to sonic adventures that are both sublime and hilarious.

Trading songs, stories, one-liners, these three artists are above all consummate performers with an amazing catalogue of songs that will give any audience an unforgettable live music experience. It’ll be the talk around the water cooler. Do not miss it.

www.carolynmark.com | geoffberner.com | www.krisdemeanor.com

lionbearfoxThe Lion, The Bear & The Fox
June 6, Saturday

Tickets $18

Christopher Arruda, Cory Woodward, & Ryan McMahon are the Lion the Bear the Fox.

Their live show can best be described as a harmony-filled evening, in the vein of CSNY & Ray LaMontagne... 3 young men singing honest songs... With over three decades combined experience, the trio has produced their debut EP ‘We’d Be Good Men’. 2014 will be the year the lion the bear the fox bring their heartfelt songs and larger than life sound to the rugged Canadian terrain that continues to inspire them.

“All three artists are known for the passion they bring to their performances and the honest songs they write” says the Ladysmith Chronicle, and they have succeeded in creating gripping, dynamic songs while capturing a sincerity rarely heard this side of the 2000’s. Bridging the gap between Vancouver, where the lion and the bear dwell and Ladysmith where the fox resides is only a testament to their collective commitment of creating their brand of passionately honest songs.


TimWTim Williams
June 12, Friday

Tickets $22

"Imagine, if you can, a front porch where Robert Johnson, Hand Williams, Hula Hattie, Flaco Jimenez and Bob Marley meet often and discover just how much they have in common. Tim's music would fit right in."

Tim Williams is a blues-based singer / songwriter / multi - instrumentalist. He is a 40 year veteran of the 'Roots' music scene in North America, roots which stretch back to the coffee-house scene of his native California in the mid 60's.

Settling in Canada in 1970, Tim is a studio musician, producer, and a performer in constant demand. He has played Folk / Blues / Jazz festivals and concert halls and clubs from Halifax, to Vancouver Island, to the Yukon.

Inspired by the Hillbilly and Western Swing music he heard as a child, Tim absorbed late Fifties Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll, Hawaiian and Mexican music, early Sixties Folk, and Bluegrass “like a sponge” before discovering a passion for traditional blues styles which was fueled by seeing many first generation blues musicians live during the “Blues Boom” of the mid and late Sixties.”


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“We have fallen into the place where everything is music”

- Rumi


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