The Dream Cafe | 67 Colourful Front St. | Penticton | V2A 1H2 | Canada

The Dream Café opened in April of 2001 across the street from our present location. The vision in the beginning was to create a place where people could come & eat, visit and perhaps open up a book and enjoy a comfortable place to hang out, with plants, pillows & good music playing in the background.

In the beginning the upstairs was the café, downstairs was the kitchen & an import store. We decided that perhaps music could be added as a regular event. We connected with a few musicians and realized that we could fill our room on a tuesday night in February. This was a miracle in our quiet town of Penticton. Without it we wouldn’t have survived.

WillieRoyalQuartetYears passed and our calendar of music increased. Many wonderful nights were spent squeezing in as many people as we could. August nights we had a dozen circulating fans on with the upstairs windows flung open to the streets. People often sat down on the curb to listen a while.

In three months a new location was gutted and built directly across the street, a miracle in itself. The building was stripped down, the floor jack hammered and a new creation emerged. Now we can seat 110 people in the café and a multi-leveled seating arrangement was built wrapped around the stage.

panoOur Grand Opening in the new room had us presenting Jeff Healey & the Jazz Wizards in July 2005. He was very excited about this new club in BC and returned once more to grace our stage before he passed.

There are shush notes on every table about being quiet during performances and now our crowd will even pass the notes if their neighboring tables don’t “get it”. There is no greater gift to give performers than to simply listen. They bring with them years of dedication and we get to enjoy and absorb their creativity.

Food & bar services continue as the music plays. Our menu is always changing & evolving. Some items have been on the menu since we opened, some recently added. Our emphasis has always been to serve clean, healthy food. With a variety of cultures represented on the menu, it keeps it exciting for all of us.

The Dream Café has been an adventure and a wonderful community has evolved around music. Many people from many walks of life and cultures have joined us in the audience as well as on our stage. The beauty is the energy that happens in the room. Thank you all for your continued support, now let’s celebrate !!